People Protest In Kabul Over Electronic ID Cards

kabul protestKABUL: (Middle East Press) A number of people took to the streets to demand inclusion of nationality on the looming electronic identification cards on Saturday in capital Kabul.

Shouting slogans and carrying banners, the protestors threatened the national unity would be questioned if their demands were not taken.

One banner carried: “Get out of my country if you are not Afghan.”

“We want it with full power, nobody would reject inclusion of Afghan if he or she is born in Afghanistan and if their ancestors are Afghan,” a flag wearing demonstrator said.

Whether or not to include Afghan has been an issue that has caused delay in e-ID cards, a project that was planned as early as five years ago.

The demonstration which included also some popular political figures, come despite a legislation passed by president where it clearly mentioned that the term Afghan should not be written on the wallet-size e-ID card itself.

The interior minister recently also emphasized that it was not necessary for the card to include Afghan.


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