Pentagon To Bring Down Russian, Syrian Jets

US forces in SyriaMEP: The Pentagon announced that if the anti-Daesh coalition forces are threatened by the Russian and Syrian army fighters, would target the two countries jets.

According to Sky News Arabic, Peter Cook, a spokesman for Pentagon said “we are determined to defend our troops in battle and do whatever is necessary to defend them.”

Hasaka province is the scene of intense fighting for about a week between Syrian army forces and Kurds in the country.

The United States also moved its fighters to the province in order to defend Kurdish fighters.

According to Cook, the area is not a no-fly zone region and it is better if Russian and Syrian army fighter to stay away from the area where the coalition forces are engaged.

Russia launched its air offensive in Syria in September 2015. According to analysts, the campaign has so far broken the backbone of Daesh and other militants there, and has provided the Syrian government with an opportunity to defeat the foreign-sponsored terrorist onslaught.

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