KABUL: (Middle East Press) Several representatives of Syrian political factions have gathered in the capital Damascus to talk over an outline for a solution to their country’s conflict, reports said.
The conference was held at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus on Monday, was called for by the Ministry of National Reconciliation Affairs, with the presence of the Syrian National Dialogue Committee and other parties.
The meeting came ahead of scheduled peace talks which are to be held in the Russian capital Moscow on January 26.
“What will take place in Russia is a forum aimed at discussing a suitable means for making success in a Syrian-Syrian dialogue meeting inside Syria. What we are looking for is an outline for a Syrian solution to the crisis in Syria,” Minister of National Reconciliation Ali Haidar said.
“The political solution through national dialogue among Syrians is the only exit for the Syrian unrest. This dialogue should lead to setting a program with the particular schedule and clear steps in a way that respects democracy, freedom, security, sovereignty and national unity,” said Syrian opposition figure Adel Nuaiseh.


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