Peace joiners back to Taliban ranks

KABUL: (MEP) – A number of insurgents that had joined the government peace program have retuned back to the ranks of rebel groups in southern Helmand province, officials said.

The provincial assembly members of Helmand stated that most of the people in Sangin district have joined back insurgency.

They blamed it on the government’s failure to fulfill their commitments made to the Taliban and other rebel group affiliates for renouncing the violence.

A group of Taliban insurgents led by Mullah Karim has once again joined the Taliban ranks, said a member of Helmand provincial council.

He added if the peace council worked seriously in Sangin district, most of the rebels would have now joined the peace program, Ariana news reported.

Located in the south, Helmand is one of the restive provinces of Afghanistan. Poppy cultivation is also on the rise in Helmand which is considered one of the major financial sources of the rebel groups.

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