Palestinian Man Shoot Dead by Israeli Forces

PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-CONFLICT-KIDNAPPING-ARRESTKABUL: (Middle East Press) Israeli forces have broken into a house and killed a 52-year-old Palestinian man in a village north of Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

Falah Abu Maria was shot in the chest two times from a relatively close range, according to medical sources, on Thursday in Beit Ummar village while he was trying to help his 22-year-old son, Mohd, who was injured in his leg by the soldiers.

The Israeli troops carried out the raid to detain Mohd and started shooting when one of the family members attempted to strangle one of the soldiers, Israeli media claimed.

However, Mohd is in a stable condition in Hebron’s Al Ahli hospital.

Ahmad, another son of the victim, was also slightly injured in the incident.

The father, Falah, and both of his sons had been previously jailed in Israeli prisons.

Falah’s brother, Waheed, was on an extended hunger strike last year. His cousin, Hashem, was shot dead last year last year during a West Bank demonstration in solidarity with the beseiged Gaza Strip.





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