Pakistan makes efforts to infiltrate Afghan security forces

Kabul: (MEP) – Defense officials in western Afghanistan are saying that Pakistan is trying to infiltrate among the Afghan security forces through fake Afghan national army identity cards in a bid to carry out insurgency activities, reported (KP).

The officials further added that Afghan security officials and institutions have taken necessary precautions in this regard.

Gen. Taj Mohammad Jahid commander of the 207th Corps of the Afghan National Army in western Afghanistan quoted by Radio Free Europe (RFE) said that militants have doubled their insurgency activities in western Afghanistan during the past three months.

Gen. Jahid further added that Taliban militants have increased their activities as the Afghan presidential and provincial council elections are getting closer, and NATO-led coalition security forces are prearing to leave the country.

He said Afghan security forces have conducted 41 military operations in western Afghanistan in order to eliminate the militants activities in western provinces.

According to Gen. Taj Mohammad Jahid over 100 Taliban militants were killed during military operations in Herat, Farah, Badghis and Ghor provinces and around 31 others were injured.

Without providing further details regarding the casualties of Afghan security forces, Gen. Taj Mohammad Jahid said that Afghan security forces will take extra care to prevent civilian casualties during the military operations.

The comment by Gen. Taj Mohammad Jahid is followed after local officials expressed concerns regarding the presence of Pakistani nationals in western provinces of Afghanistan. Local officials earlier said that Pakistanis are involved in providing trainings to militants and carry out attacks on Afghan security forces.

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