Pakistan hands in Jalalabad attack, India say’s

KABUL: (MEP) – While the Afghan Taliban have denied involvement in the Jalalabad suicide attack, sources in New Delhi indicated that the bombers were Pakistani nationals and had stayed in adjacent Kunar province for seven days before driving to the consulate on Saturday.

Hindustan Times, quoting sources in New Delhi citing intelligence inputs and preliminary investigation reports, reported that the attackers were stopped at a checkpoint near their target, after which they began spraying bullets down a bustling street and detonated explosives in their car.

“This attack has once again highlighted that the main threat to Afghanistan’s security and stability stems from terrorism and the terror machine that continues to operate from beyond its borders,” said Syed Akbaruddin, spokesperson of the Indian external affairs ministry.

The attack comes a week after a security audit in Afghanistan by a team of Indian officials found all of Delhi’s missions in that country to be under increased threat, especially from outfits such as the Haqqani Network and others which work with Afghan groups.

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