Pakistan Airspace Opened for Afghan Flights

KABUL (MEP) – Pakistan opened its airspace for all civilian traffic, especially for Afghan flights, after 135 days; the Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement.

The airspace has been opened by the Pak government last night, after which Afghan aircraft can flight to India.

Pak government issuing NOTAM, announced that its airspace is open for all civilian air traffic; the Civil Aviation Authority added.

The sources has declared that the solution on Pak air ban is an important issue, saying that this ban had caused many financial losses to the aviation sector.

Pak opened one of its air routes for west-bound flights from India mid-April airlines.

Pakistani airspace was closed four and a half months ago after Afghan clashes and political tensions with Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the country’s civilian aviation administration said last week that two new lines for flights will be opened, which will play a key role in boosting Afghanistan’s spatial capacity for aviation.

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