Over 300 Taliban Militants Joined Peace Process

CaptureKABUL: (Middle East Press) Three commanders of Taliban militants along with their 300 men have been joined peace process in northern Faryab province.

The commanders with their men joined peace process and returning normal lives with requesting of General Abdul Rashid Dostum the First Vice-President.

Khan Aqa Khan, Khudai Byran Khan and Shuja Khan the commanders of Taliban militants during a military operation led by Afghan security forces creep up to First Vice-President and promised that hereafter will participate in security and renovation of the country.

The First Vice-President welcomed the commanders to government.

General Abdul Rashid Dostum at the beginning of the military operation in Faryab province warmed to Taliban militants either stop fighting or die.

During the security operation dozens domestic and foreign insurgents were killed and most areas of the province have been cleared from existence of armed rebels.

Already hundreds militants knock off war and joined peace process in the province.


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