Official Disclosure for Dependence of Turkish Charity Institutions on MİT

4094634-3x2-940x627KABUL: (Middle East Press) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered to Hakan Fidan, the head of Turkish intelligence, to hold a strategic planning meeting with senior officials and specialists of information operations Army units in order to create more coordination and interaction with government agencies, units and General Staff of Turkey and use cross-border military and information potentials in line with interests of the Republic of Turkey.

Erdogan also stressed on strategic planning to manage and organize cross-border activities of organizations, like: SADAT, ASSAM, IHH and TİKA. By this ruling, the power of the Turkish Intelligence Service will be increased and Hakan Fidan will be the main axis of operations outside Turkey, and army will be obliged to obey him.

Institutions and organizations mentioned in this article are launched with the aim of reaching out to the Islamic movements in different covering such as research, study and charity.

They have close relations with some liberal, Islamic and Jihadi organizations and even al-Qaeda. Some branches of these organizations in China and Libya have been arrested and tried on charges of recruiting forces and sending them to Turkey to join ISIL terrorist group.


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