Obama calls Cameroon; Talk over Iran and Afghanistan

KABUL: (MEP) – US President Barack Obama called up British Prime Minister David Cameroon and discussed about negotiations with Iran on its nuclear weapons program and the bilateral security agreement (BSA) with Afghanistan.

During the yesterday’s conversation, Cameroon also briefed Obama on the recently held tri-lateral dialogue with leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the White House said.

“On Iran, the President and Prime Minister reiterated their support for the P5+1’s unified proposal and discussed their expectations for the next round of talks,” it said.

“The two leaders reviewed the situation in Afghanistan, including the status of the US-Afghanistan Bilateral Security Agreement,” the White House said.

“The President commended the Prime Minister’s efforts to support consultations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, including at the recent trilateral talks in London,” the White House said, adding Obama and Cameroon also discussed Syria, The Economic Times reported.

“The two leaders expressed their continuing support for the Geneva II conference, and they welcomed the decision by the Syrian National Coalition to attend. The two leaders also reviewed progress on eliminating Syria’s chemical weapons,” it said.

“The United States values its special relationship and alliance with the United Kingdom, and the two leaders will continue to consult on important security matters affecting both our countries, and the world,” the White House said.

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