No Nation Has Been Persecuted The Way Palestinians Have Been Suppressed

MEP: The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution of Iran has addressed the two-day international conference on Palestine.

The conference coincided with the anniversary of Malcolm X, the leader of the African America who was martyred by the American government.

While addressing, he said that no nation has been persecuted the way Palestinians have been suppressed. To provide Zionists with shelter, the Palestinians, the true inhabitants were forcefully made homeless.

He gave a reminder to the Muslim countries not to forget this issue at any cost as this is a core issue of the Muslim nation. Today all the freedom loving Muslims and non-Muslims both are standing with the Palestinians.

It is worth noting that political and social leaders and personalities from different schools of thought, from around 80 countries have participated in this conference.

More than 700 foreign officials and academics, including 18 parliament speakers, have taken part in the two-day Conference which opened at the Iran International Conference Center.

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