Nine Private Hospitals Closed in Kabul: MoPH

KABUL: (Middle East Press) The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has closed at least nine private hospitals in capital Kabul due to the lack of standards.

Ferozuddin Feroz, Public Health Minister said that the hospitals were closed following an extensive review of 124 hospitals in the city.

In reviewing the hospitals, officials looked at the premises, operating theatres, medical equipment, diagnostic services and the level of professionalism among employees.

According to reports, hospitals that lost their licenses are Ali Seena in Kart-e-Se, Spin Ghar in Kot-e-Sangi, Madawa on Company Street, Shamsul Rahman Tora Ki in Kart-e-Naw, Karimul Rahman in Khair Khana, Khurami in Khair Khan, Elaj in Khair Khana, Gulab Ahmadzai in Arzan Qeemat and Faisal on Sarsabzi Street.

Feroz added that 28 hospitals were also turned into healing clinics and warnings were issued to 18 other hospitals to lose their firms to operate as hospitals if they did not meet the standards set by the Ministry of Public Health.

He said the 28 hospitals which were turned into clinics would be allowed to operate as hospitals if they met the standards.

According to Feroz, the closed hospitals would be allowed to start operations once they met the standards set by the Ministry.

The standards contains better infrastructure, equipment, operate theatre, emergency ward, women’s ward and maternity ward, qualified physicians and doctors and better medical stores and medicines.



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