New Video of Taken Kurdish Troops Released by ISIL

KABUL: (Middle East Press) The ISIL Takfiri militants have released a new video showing 21 Kurdish fighters captured by the group.

The footage comes after Kurdish president warns ISIL of having to pay “a heavy price” if captured Kurds are hurt.

The video is the second installment of ISIL footage to feature the captured Kurdish fighters.

In the new video, the Kurds, dressed in orange jumpsuits, their heads bowed, are paraded through an enclosed area and then seen in individual metal cages.

It comes just days after a first video showed 17 Kurdish fighters been taken on a procession through the streets of Iraqi town of Kirkuk.

ISIL fighters spoke to the camera in Kurdish, reiterating “our war is not with the Kurdish Muslim people but with the infidels and their treacherous agents”.

On Tuesday, Kurdish President Masoud Barzan visited Kirkuk for the first time since ISIL’s assault on the town.


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