Netanyahu’s Request of British Ambassador to Involve Egyptian Army on Strike in Yemen

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Israel asked British ambassador to Israel, who was attending the ceremony to say congratulations on the occasion of partial victory of Likud party (48% of seats in parliament) in Israeli parliamentary election, for the involvement of Egypt’s military on strike in Yemen.

The meeting was also held for coordination with other parties to create a coalition and formation of a new government.

The meeting was held in the Israeli prime minister’s office in the early of April, Matthew Gould, British ambassador to Israel, while consulting to Netanyahu about Israel’s future plans and how to remove barriers to the formation of a strong and unit government also discussed regional and international issues.

Netanyahu also talked about Egyptian military and reducing its ability forever.

They programed to have a plan to undermining Egyptian army completely which is the only strong and regular army in Arab world and have anti-Israel opinions and also support Palestinians.

The meeting which is happened on the eve of the invasion of Saudi Arabia to Yemen can be one of the reasons for encouraging the Egyptian army to entering into a long war and cross-regional military campaigns.

International experts believe; if Egyptian army involves on strike in Yemen, its military power will be weakened and Israel’s security for the area of its borders with Egypt will be guaranteed.

However, since the rise of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi more coordination between Egypt and Israel happened and blockade of Gaza and the closure of borders have been intensified but with involvement of the Egyptian army at the war, security and stability for Israel will be guaranteed even after president Sisi.


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