Netanyahu Faces Criminal Investigation Over Fraud And Bribery

MEP: Police has been ordered to open a criminal investigation into two unspecified matters involving Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Channel 10 television has said.

On Friday, December 30 Israel’s Channel 10 released a report that showed a group of police have gone to the office of Zionist regime’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to question him for examining the files of corruption.

The Office of the Prime Minister will determine an interrogation date to investigate allegations of receiving illegal gifts and heavy taxes bribes.

“Netanyahu accused of receiving significant gifts from a Zionist and a foreign businessman,” channel 2 also reported.

The channel refused to disclose the names of these people and added the interrogation would be set in the coming days.

Israeli public channel also reported citing some resources Avihai Mandelblit, the legal advisor of illegitimate Israeli government, had been authorized to question Netanyahu on the two main and sub issues. The two cases had not yet leaked out to the public.

Police forces didn’t explain the current events and said: “Events will be officially explained at the right time by the police or the Ministry of Justice.”

“The slander reported by the media against Prime Minister, is a useless attempt of those who cannot win the election,” Yariv Levin, Minister of Likud, also said.

“The prime minister’s disgrace acts are disclosing one after another,” Eitan Cabel from the bases of the Zionist opposition said. He accused Netanyahu of violating the principles of democracy.

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