Moscow summit to begin for Afghanistan

5 Feb 2019

The Moscow summit on Afghanistan peace efforts to be held with a number of Afghan politicians and representatives of the armed Taliban for two days in Russia.

According to Middle East Press; Moscow summit begins today (Tuesday, February 05) continuing for two days, in which armed Taliban delegation and Afghan politics have a face-to-face meeting for the first time.

Ex-president Hamid Karzai, Hanif Atmar, Mohammad Mohaqiq, Atta Mohammad Noor, Ismail Khan, Abdul Salam Zaief, Shahnavaz Tani, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and a number of other political leaders are going to present the summit.

Although there is no representative from Kabul government, participants say they will discuss important issues and consider national interests.

These political leaders have emphasized that the Moscow summit will be an important step towards the beginning of all inclusive intra-Afghan talks.

Meanwhile, Afghan government has strongly opposed the meeting.




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