Mohammed bin Salman called for the Removal of Hariri from the Leadership of al-Mustaqbal Movement

KABUL: (Middle East Press) According to the Lebanese NTV television network, serious differences have emerged on the continuation of Saad Hariri’s leadership between the main authorities of al-Mustaqbal movement which is backed by Saudi Arabia.

Some of the main members of the Al-Mustaqbal movement like Fouad Siniora, Ashraf Rifi and Nohad el Machnouk have criticized the absence of Saad Hariri in Lebanon and his residence in France and also his mismanagement.

These people are plotting to remove Saad Hariri from power and trying to take power in al-Mustaqbal movement. For instance Siniora is trying to use individuals associated with him in institutions and organizations related to this movement. And in parallel Ashraf Rifi (Lebanese Minister of Justice and also the member of al-Mustaqbal movement) is also lined up with Siniora, trying to strengthen his position among the Sunnis and seeking to weaken Hariri’s position by releasing Takfiri elements from prisons. They intend to change Al-Mustaqbal members’ public vote against Saad Hariri through different ways.

Political experts believe that the main reason behind this situation is Muhammad bin Salman’s campaign for his removal, and importantly some Saudi princes are also not happy with Hariri. Their dependence on Saudi princesses has led to more differences and disagreements among members.  All key Sunni contestants are trying to get closer with Riyadh in order to be considered as the best option to replace Harrari.

Moreover, Saad Hariri’s financial crisis and lack of funding for the Al-Mustaqbal movement has further paved way for his opponent Sunnis leaders.




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