Ministry of Agriculture Announces 17% Increase In Afghan Saffron Production

homepageKABUL: (MEP) Afghanistan Saffron production outcome has increased by 17 percent in the country that was extended the cultivation program to 23 provinces with the assistance of aiding NGOs, Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock announced on Monday.

Majority of the production has been produced in western Herat province, according to the Ministry.

4,000 kilograms of Saffron was produced last year and the figure hurdled to 4,675 KGs this year which shows about 17 percent increase in the production.

Government and aiding NGOs recommend Saffron to farmers as an alternative for poppy.

The International Taste & Quality Institute in the Belgian capital of Brussels named Afghanistan’s saffron the best in the world for the third consecutive year in mid 2015.

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