Mine Blast Kills 9 Pupils in Taliban-Controlled Area of Takhar

2 Nov 2019

Takhar local officials say 9 students were killed as a result of a landmine explosion in Darqad district.

The incident took place today Saturday, November 02, in Taheri village of Darqad district, the spokesman for the Takhar governor, Jawad Hejri told MEP.

The blast killed nine students who were going to school, he said.

Hejri said because the Taheri village is controlled by the Taliban, the local government has failed to send a delegation to the area for investigation.

The spokesman for the Takhar governor declared that six killed had been transferred to the district headquarters.

Sources have said that the mine was concealed by the Taliban in order to target security forces and government employees.


The armed Taliban have not commented yet.

Mine Blast



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