Militants Killed 2 of the 31 kidnapped Hazaras in Zabul

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Local officials announced Monday that the Taliban militants group have killed one of the 31 abducted Hazaras in southern Zabul province of Khak-e-Afghan district.

The provincial council chief Ata Mohammad Haqbin said that one of the hostages was executed while the second one had apparently died due to weakness as he was an old man.

The militants group who had kidnapped the 31 passengers who were travelling on Kabul-Zabul highway and who were belonged to the minority Shiite Hazara community.

Mohammad Mohaqiq, senior Shiite community leader and deputy to Chief Executive officer Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has confirmed last week that the 31 Hazaras were kidnapped by militants belonging to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants, however reports say that they were abducted by Taliban terrorists.

He said the captives are being held in different areas by the militants and are still alive.


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