MEP interview with Professor Muhammad Muhaqeq

MEP plans to special dialogues with the important leaders in the 2014 presidential election may publish. In the following exclusive interview with the MEP, Professor Muhammad Muhaqeq Assistant of Abdullah Abdullah (presidential candidate) is reading.

“I believe that with a significant difference, we win the election in the first round and not need for a second round”: Muhqeq

MEP: How do you see the next year’s elections, while the voter registration process is being completed and registered candidates have been completed?

Muhqeq: the elections situation is now globally recognized in local media Notes in Media and the campaign team working only about the team structure, to make a team which is the popular to collect more votes for winning.

Not yet completed the process and the final stage is reached, until 19 October when the first survey was conducted in the IEC is the initial list, after which the 19 October, will patient, the Lists be announced was. Still, the oven is not overheating and the only comments are about election teams.

The number of parties that are already electoral alliance is not a small number, 15 political parties, tribal councils and parties rooted in the present moment, new parties and outstanding Peoples Are already behind the alliances.

Now, the current candidate is a candidate of the electoral alliance, if someone has moved to some other place and the other team is brothers, their personal determination and their will to be respected. This is democracy in the face of loss and is considered normal.

MEP: What is the positive point of your electoral team which makes it strength, excellence and goals than the other team has already made it great?

Muhaqeq: It is a try to provide a team that is acceptable for the Afghan peoples and the cultural composition of their honesty be kept, Political parties and civil order that is intended to be comprehensive.

Note that the success achieved by our team of people, local and foreign media, there is not an imperfect notes is called a good team, the good and the world is people’s important to us the problem is the strong point.

MEP: How much hope is there for the success of your team?

Muhaqeq: There are so, so hopefully that we will winner of the elections.

MEP: Prior to your coalition to the current team, did you receive any offer from other teams especially Zalmay Khalilzad’s team. If so, in which level were those offers?

Muhaqeq: There were lots of discussions conducted with different political group. Many including Khalilzad came to us. Mr. Ghani, Mr. Zulmai Rasool, Mr. Wardak and Mr. Ahadi came in, asking me to join their team. But you cannot be in all those teams and you have to select only one. Finally that is how I ended up in the current team.

Nobody came to me to tell me that please run as president in election and we are your vice presidents. All those offers were for vice president and they all wanted me to be their vice president. At the end, I evaluated all the teams and then I selected the team which I trusted as a suitable team for country’s wellbeing.

MEP: What are your goals and programs that you are going to enter the race?

Muhaqeq: I am going to begin my campaign within the framework of Afghan constitution. I will present my goals and programs to the people. After team’s creation, which more than 22 parties are involved in, I will disclose my program to the people within a wider plan called national program.

Changes in power, humanization of the government, softening the government to give further authorities to the provinces are my major plans.

I don’t see election in Afghanistan is affiliated on ethnicity bases. It has more political bases. I don’t want to comment on other teams and I can only talk about our team that major tribes are in involved in the team. In terms of ethnics, there are major ethnics involved and major political parties so that I why I believe it am more political rather than ethnical.

MEP: Don’t you think selection of such teams would create challenges to the people?

Muhaqeq: It could be challenging but all parties and all elections are political. Parties compete, in which one wins and other loses. People are engaged with political parties since 30 years, and they are well aware to select who and which team can serve them properly. The path is crystal clear for the people.

I believe we will win the election in first round and there is no need for run off. And if it goes to second round, it goes in accordance to the law.

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