Media to accept no pressure for the durating of Elections: NAI

KABUL: (MEP) – The media supporting agency (NAI) has accused the government of interfering in the elections by putting pressure on the media.

NAI officials said the recent efforts of the government indicated beginning of censoring the media on the eve of elections in the country.

Except the ministry of information and culture, NAI executive chief said no government department had the right to directly criticize the media.

“Many circles existed within the government are trying to interfere in the elections through every possible way. One of those ways is putting pressure on the media,” Mujib Khelwatgar said.

He argued the past 12-year gains of freedom of expression would be undermined if the trend continued.

“Based on the media law, no irrelevant government departments are allowed to directly criticize and put pressure on media.”

The Presidential and Provincial Assembly elections are set to be held in next four months but the government is yet to approve the Access to Information Act.

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