KABUL: (Middle East Press) A woman has been shot dead in the United State of Fresno, California by a gunman, police said.

The convict identiefed as Neng Moua 43-year-old who walked into the busy pediatric clinic on Tuesday and opened fire on his separated wife, 34, before shooting himself to death.

According to Fresno police Deputy Chief Pat Farmer the incident was a tragedy and that luckily no one else was hurt or killed during the attack.

Police say that the incident resulted from a dispute over custody of their five children and the woman, who worked as a receptionist at the medical office, had two other children from a previous relationship.

According to a witness, Kelly Mek, 13, the gunman entered the office holding a gun which was wrapped in fabric. He walked toward the woman, Mek said.

Officers, who arrived at the scene following a report of gunshots, heard several more shots upon their arrival. They surrounded the building and broke open a window to allow people to escape.


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