Man Arrested with 500,000 Fake Currency in Kabul

NDS8KABUL: (Middle East Press) The National Directorate of Security (NDS) has arrested a forge man with up to 500,000 AFG fake currency in capital Kabul.

NDS issued a statement saying that the detained man has been identified as Babari who is a resident of 8th area of Kabul city.

The statement adds that Babari wanted to exchange the fake currency.

A video released with the press release by NDS shows some currency laying on a table similar to Afghanis and a man standing behind the table explaining how the currency was going be used.

“My name is Babri S/O Murad Khan, commander Karim happened to see me on way, then we set in a hotel in Jada, I told him there is a man by the name of Qais that I had …. a vehicle from him.” The arrested man said, adding that then both commander Karim and Qais talked to each other through my phone and they set a deal.

However, there are no reports of how and where the currency came from.


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