Long-term support to Afghanistan by Central Asian Institutions, International Organizations

KABUL: (MEP) – At the conclusion of International sessions held to discuss Afghanistan issues, some International Organizations reiterated their long-term commitments to Afghanistan.

The European Union said that it is committed to continuing its support for Afghanistan as it has previously pledged.

Several issues regarding Afghanistan were discussed during the final days of the International session on Afghanistan and Middle Asia during meetings held in the capital city of Kabul. One of the top issues facing Afghanistan and other Middle Asia countries is Narcotic drugs production and distribution. Regarding Afghanistan’s role in regional drug manufacturing and distribution, an expert attending the conference, Iranian Professor Reza Jalali, said, “Iran is one of the countries that suffers from the problem of drug production and distribution from Afghanistan.”

European Union envoy for Afghanistan, Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin, said, “Narcotic drugs is still challenging issue which has impacted negatively the country of Afghanistan.  Narcotics has caused a lot of losses and we must join our efforts combat this problem.”

The Presidential deputy spokesman Faiq Wahidi said, “Afghanistan is not the only country that is responsible for the problem of drug production and distribution.  Others are also share in the responsibility.”

In the session more 20 Asian countries were in attendance, and the officials exchanged their points of view regarding the problems of drugs with the Afghan Officials that were in attendance.

The Indian Ambassador Sh. Amar Sinal, said, “Most of the Asian countries have seen Afghanistan as a source of extremism and as a transit point for the smuggling of Narcotic drugs.  Now it is time to change the commonly held views towards Afghanistan.  We must see that Afghanistan has an opportunity to overcome the drug problems it has.”

The session provided an opportunity for the Central Asian nations and International Organizations to repeat their commitments towards Afghanistan.

The European Union said, “We will be a good friend with Afghanistan in the long run and are willing to cooperate with Afghanistan in political, economic, and security.”

The European Union envoy for Afghanistan Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin, said, “The European Union is trying to be a partner with Afghanistan in the region.  We promise to support Afghans during the decade of transition.  We have been their partner and we will continue to be their partner.”

During the session they also talked about Afghanistan’s election.

The United Nation deputy envoy for Afghanistan said that he hoped that the transition of political power in Afghanistan is accomplished peacefully, Ariana news reported.

Nicholas Haysom said, “Afghanistan has political challenges ahead of it.  We believe that the country must be an eyewitness to the peaceful transition of political power.  Also, the Government and all operators of the government must prove that they have enforced the law and acted according to the laws of the country.”

The United Nation deputy envoy for Afghanistan, Nicholas Haysom, also said,” Afghanistan needs permanent peace.  We believe that stablizing peace before the Afghanistan Election is necessary and we hope to push for efforts that will help to reach peace in the country.”

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