King Salman: I am not satisfied with the Performance of Egypt and Sisi

KABUL: (Middle East Press) King Salman told Afif Abdul wahab, Egyptian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in a meeting: Egypt’s non-participation in the ground attack in Yemen ashamed us among Arabs so we could not able to enter the next stage of the raid on Yemen.

Saudi Arabia helped and supported Sis in his coming to power in Egypt so he must have sent Egyptian troops for military intervention in Yemen.

We promised to provide enough money and moral support to Sisi so he should not be worry about domestic issues and satisfying the military authorities, political parties and people, he can satisfy Military leaders by giving more money to them, Al- Nour party was set up by our supports so they agree with our actions.

The Muslim Brotherhood is involved in releasing members from prison, other parties involved in the internal affairs of Egypt and also Egyptians are quiet and obedient people and because they had a simple life for centuries do not resist against their rulers and would be satisfied with the promises of reform. Tell Sisi that we promised financial aid to him so he must accept our requests.


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