Khalilzad Seeking to Reduce Burden of War in Afghanistan

19 Oct 2019

KABUL (MEP) – The US special envoy for peace in Afghanistan insists that he is working to reduce the cost of the war in Afghanistan.

Zalmay Khalilzad made the remarks during a meeting with new US Joint Chiefs of Staff       Mark A. Milley.

Khalilzad said in a Tweet that US has backed two decades of progress in Afghanistan and is seeking to reduce the burden of war in Afghanistan.

“We agreed that a political settlement that safeguards the homeland from terrorist threats, allows us to reduce the burden of war & protects two decades of progress in Afghanistan is in our national interest,” he said in a tweet.

Zalmai Khalilzad insists on reducing the burden of war in Afghanistan, while he has wasted nine months in concluding peace talks with the Taliban which was called off by a Tweet of US President Donald Trump,  following it, the Taliban visited regional countries including Iran, Russia and China.

However, recently Pakistan has also begun its efforts to resume US-Taliban peace talks.




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