KABUL: (Middle East Press) US Secretary of State John Kerry following an interview on channel 10 that Iran’s nuclear agreement is forever not for 10 years adding that there will be inspectors in every single day.

Kerry added that there is “a lot of hysteria” in the criticism of the framework agreement dealt between the P5+1 and Iran last month over Tehran’s nuclear energy program.

“People really need to look at the facts, and they need to look at the science behind those facts” pointed Kerry.

Kerry’s interview with Channel 10 was conducted on Thursday, and parts of it were broadcast on Saturday night. The full interview will be broadcast on Sunday night.

Iran and the P5+1 group of countries — the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany — reached a landmark framework agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program on April 2 in Switzerland.

Kerry said that Washington assures Tel Aviv it won’t give up on any option open at the moment with regard to Iran’s nuclear activities.

He said he understands Israel’s concerns toward the nuclear deal with Iran, but he guarantees that any future agreement with Tehran will not let Israel down.

He stressed that Washington will not accept a deal with Iran unless Tehran provides transparency and allow international inspectors to monitor its nuclear program on a daily basis.


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