Karzai sends Pantang’s disqualification case to Supreme Court

KABUL: (MEP) – Afghan president Hamid Karzai has sent the disqualification case of interior affairs minister by Afghan parliament to the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, Khaama reported.

Mujtaba Patang was summoned by Afghan parliament on Monday and was dismissed from his position as interior affairs minister. However presidential palace immediately reacted towards the decision of the Afghan parliament.

Presidential palace following a statement announced that president Hamid Karazi respects the impeachment and provision of no confidence vote to interior minister, calling it a legal act by lawmakers as per the Afghan constitution.

However President Hamid Karzai insisted that the minister should be given a no confidence vote based on justified reasons and according to the law.

The statement further added that president Karzai has referred the case to the Supreme Court of the country and will take actions in this regard after receiving feedback from the Supreme Court.

Mujtaba Patang will remain as interior affairs minister if the Afghan Supreme Court confirms that he was summoned based on illegal reasons.

According to presidential palace statement Mujtaba Patang will remain as acting head of interior affairs ministry until Supreme Court announces it decision regarding his dismissal.

Based on the Afghan constitution the Afghan president is allowed to elect the dismissed minister as acting head of any ministry for a period of not more than one month.

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