Karzai: BSA Not In Afghanistan Interest, Unless Peace Restored

KABUL: (MEP) – President Hamid Karzai told the Azadi Radio that the decision of the Loya Jirga is respected and confirmed by us, adding that we deem it to the interest of the Afghans however our conditions is with respect to security of Afghans’ home and practical start of the peace process and if peace is not restored in our country this pact is not to the interest but it harms Afghanistan.

He stressed that this contract cannot be signed on one sided demand of the US, we also have our demands.

He noted that the US set condition that the pact should be signed till end of this year, and we set our conditions of banning US attacks on Afghans’ homes and practical start of the peace process and if the Americans accept these two conditions we are ready to sign the security pact.

Asked whether he demanded freedom of Taliban inmates from the Guantanamo in his meeting with the Mrs Rice, he said that this want the demand of the Consultative Loya Jirga.

If you read out the text of article 29 of the Loya Jirga resolution it says that the Americans should hand over all the Afghan inmates from the Guantanamo prison, BNA reported.

He added that the US on the basis of the decision of the Loya Jirga wants on article of the resolution that is signing of the security pact and ignore another article that is not acceptable.

Responding to a question that are you ready to endanger US aid for non-signing of the security pact, he said that the US decision their own work, they can decide to be here or want to go, when they decide not to be here, if we give them thousands of security pact they will go, in the same manner that they left Afghanistan along after the victory of Jihad of Afghanistan.

He pointed that as a nation we have the right to preserve our interests, though we are poor but we have this right to recognize our interests and try to preserve it.

He added that if want its presence in Afghanistan after 2014 as per the wish of the Afghan government she should accept the conditions of Afghanistan that its nation’s conditions and that is security of their homes and peace.

He noted that the main enemy of peace in Afghanistan is big world interests and this poor nation is suffering from this for the past 30 years. He stressed that if the US wants security pact from us she should be partner in peace with us in that case we consider US presence in Afghanistan to our benefit, and in absence of peace, the security pact with the US means that some of the provinces and districts of Afghanistan that are against this pact will go towards the Taliban and the Taliban will be stationed in them and we in Kabul and in that case Afghanistan will have two governments and that is very dangerous for Afghanistan and we shall not permit it. With respect to election he said that we will not allow that the election is organized like in the past one and some provinces id deprived of the election and the election is defamed.

He added that Afghanistan’s stability is in implementation of its constitution and election of the new president in the country.

He noted that today’s Afghanistan is more informed as we learnt from our history and for very reason we said at the Loya Jirga as well that we won the wars, but defeated in politics and we shall try to be winner in politics as well. In response to a question as made him happy during his term of office, he said that is my high rise voice against the unforgivable acts of Taliban, terrorists and the Americans against the people of Afghanistan and another issue is that Afghanistan one against became the common home of Afghans.

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