Kabul University Lecturers acting for ISIL

8 Jul 2019

Four detained ISIL members confess that they joined ISIL after encourages by Kabul University lecturers.

Security Forces arrested a four-member network of ISIL terrorist group in a targeted operation from Kabul last night, Middle East Press reports.

“A network of ISIL, Daesh terrorist group that was responsible for linking and organizing terrorist and destructive attacks was arrested from Kabul city,” Interior Ministry spokesman Nosrat Rahimi said.

According to him, Kabul University Professor Mobasher Molimyar, son of Abdul Halim, recruiter, Ahmed Tariq, son of Janat Gul, and Ahmad Farouq, son of Janat Gul, graduated from Kabul University, confessed that Zaher Daee, M. Maroof Rasikh, and Abu-Obaidullah linked them to ISIL.

Meanwhile, in recent days, two KU Professors have been arrested by National Security Forces in charge of promoting ISIL activities and thoughts among the Kabul University Students.


Kabul University


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