Kabul parliamentary election candidates block Parliament’s gates

11 May 2019

 The Kabul parliamentary candidates whose name were already in initial winners list along with their fans blocked the gate of parliament in response to formation of Parliament secretariat board.

According to Middle East Press, the candidates have blocked the ways to the parliament today morning (Saturday, May 11) and called postponement of the secretariat board election until the presence of the Kabul representatives.

The Kabul parliamentary candidate, protested near the parliament gate and prevented the entry of other MPs to the house of people.

For this reason, the roads leading to the Darulaman Palace are blocked and people are faced with many problems to commute, and during the month of Ramadan they are forced to walk the path.

It is not clear what will be the decision of the House of Representatives in this regard and whether the selection of the secretariat board is postponed until the presence of Kabul MPs or not?



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