Joe Biden: No Possibility of Uniting Afghanistan

KABUL (MEP) – There is no possibility of uniting Afghanistan, US presidential candidate and former vice president, said a Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, in a televised debate on Friday.

“I’ve been in every part of Afghanistan… here’s what I saw, there is no possibility of uniting that country, no possibility at all of making it a whole country,” Biden said at a presidential debate.

Biden said that he was totally against the whole notion of nation building in Afghanistan.

“The only thing we should be doing is dealing with terrorism in that region,” Biden said.

“It is possible to see to it that they’re not able to launch more attacks from the region on the United States of America. That’s a small footprint that we needed and I argued for that in the beginning,” Biden said.

Biden’s remarks have received a lot of backlash.

Wahid Omar, a senior adviser to President Ghani, wrote in a post on his Twitter “We didn’t need you to make us a WHOLE country. We were a WHOLE country already.”

“Thank u for all the help,” he emphasized saying; “We didnt need you to build a NATION for us. We’ve been a NATION for centuries.”

At the same time, Latif Pedram, the Afghan presidential candidate, says that if Afghan officials pave the way of former rulers, defiantly it is impossible to make it a whole country and to unit it.

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