Japanese Doctor Died in Hospital

4 Dec 2019

KABUL (MEP) – Dr. Tetsu Nakamura, who was shot early in the morning, died after being transferred to Nangarhar Central Hospital.

Gunmen opened fire on Nakamura’s car today morning, Wednesday, December 04, in Jalalabad city.

Ataullah Khogyani had told MEP after the incident that Japanese Doctor, head of Peace Medical Service (PMS) was wounded and five others who were his bodyguards and driver were killed.

Khogyani said that Dr. Nakamura was transferred to Jalalabad Central Hospital after the incident for the purpose of transferring to Bagram Hospital, but died in the hospital due to serious injuries.

Dr. Nakamura was a Japanese citizen who had acquired Afghan citizenship in recent years.

He Founded the PMS Institute in Jalalabad, promoting agricultural and health projects he could provide occupations for many people.

Japanese Doctor



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