Jaghori in risk of falling

7 Nov 2018

Severe attack of Taliban in some part of Jaghori district, Ghazni Province, these district is in danger of falling, which military forces did not support them yet.

Provincial council member of Ghazni, Khaliq Dad Akbari said to the middleesat press Taliban’s attack start early morning (7 November) in some part of Jaghori district and seizure some part of it.

He said, Taliban attacked these morning at 3:AM from Gilan district to (Hot Qol) area of Jaghori district and capture two military bases.

Akbari said, at the time of Prayer these morning, Taliban hostage the civilians and people stand against them.

Provincial council member of Ghazni said; Dawood village has border with Moqor of Ghazni also these morning, Taliban seizure these place as well.

Taliban was calling on loudspeakers of Masque to the people to be capitulate to stay alive.

Akbari said; early these morning contact to get some support for Jaghori, but they just heard nothing .

According to him, about Losses and damages in case he stated, the amount of damages is high but so are the exact statistics are not available. people of Jaghori wants military support,

Shah Hossian Murtazawi spokesman of president; posted on his Facebook account Helicopters are flying on the sky of Jaghori to clampdown the enemy.

But residence of Jaghori and members of the provincial conical rejected Murtazawi’s post.

Taliban so far have not commented.



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