Israel Financially Supports ISIL

imagesKABUL: (Middle East Press) Financial Times reported Israel’s purchase of oil from Iraq’s Kurdistan and ISIL equal to $1 billion while reducing its oil purchase from Azerbaijan in first half of 2016.

FT further reported in the last 3 months and a half, three quarters of Israel’s oil demand purchased from Iraq’s Kurdistan.

Kurdish authorities employ the surplus oil revenue from the assigned revenue of central government to pursue its separatist objectives in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey along strengthening its military power.

Virtualaz of Azerbaijan reported the third of Iraq’s Kirkuk oil moved to Israel in spring 2016 through the companies of Erdogan’s son and son in law via Jihan port in Turkey.

Israel which used to buy its needed oil mostly from Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan now buys most of its oil demand from both ISIL and Iraq’s Kurdistan to guarantee the survival of ISIL and spread the dividing strategy.

The Azeri billionaire, Mubariz Mansimov, and Erdogan’s son in law Al-Bayrak as his bossiness partner are active in transferring ISIL’s oil.


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