ISIL Or Daesh Existence In Nangarhar Causes Uneducated Future For 300,000 Children

Daesh in NangarharKABUL: (Middle East Press) The Directorate of Education in Nangarhar province released a statement in which states that up to 300,000 children are facing uneducated future over the presence of the Islamic State (ISIL or Daesh) in eastern province.

The statement adds at least 59 schools have so far been closed by Takfiri militants or might be shut down because of the security threat from this group.

Mohammad Asif, spokesman for the directorate of education said the department is trying to reopen these schools through negotiations with security forces, local administration and community elders.

The brutality and the existence of the extremist group (ISIL) has made people irritated and frustrated in Nangarhar.

The terror ISIL militants have so far killed more than 500 people mostly civilians in Nangarhar, most of them in Achin district, during the past few months.


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