Iranian Women Can Attend Soccer Stadiums

25 Sep 2019

KABUL (SPORT/MEP) – The Ministry of Sport and Football Federation of Iran has announced that women will be able to attend stadiums and watch soccer games afterwards.

Iran`s Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs has announced that 4,600 women will be allowed to attend the stadium for the next match of the Iranian national football team versus Cambodia.

Before then, FIFA had warned that if the women were not allowed into Iran`s soccer stadiums, Iran would be banned from the 2022 Football World Cup.

The warning came after a girl named Sahar Khodayari, known as the “Blue Girl”, set herself on fire after being banned from the stadium.

Accordingly, the Iranian Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs has announced that all measures have been taken to ensure the presence of 4,600 women in the upcoming match between Iran National Football Team and Cambodia.

The Iranian Ministry of Sports said the official announcement had been sent in writing to FIFA officials.

Iranian Women


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