Iranian Foreign Ministry Summons Afghan Ambassador to Tehran

KABUL (MEP) – Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Tehran, over recent offensive moves made against the Iranian diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.

The Ambassador of Afghanistan to Tehran, Abdul Ghafour Liwal went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday morning to provide an explanation for a series of recent moves against the Iranian diplomatic missions in Afghanistan, said Iranian FM in a statement.

“It came after the moves by a small group of certain political currents with a record of opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran and to the good neighborliness between Iran and Afghanistan,” Iran Foreign Ministry Statement wrote.

“The groups recently made a series of insulting moves and violated the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Embassy and other missions in Afghanistan under the pretext that a number of Afghan nationals who had plans for illegal entry into Iran or had entered Iran illegally with the help of traffickers have died. “

The statement further said, in the Saturday meeting in Tehran, Director General of West Asia of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed concern about the impact of the wrong measures by that small group on the neighborly relations between Iran and Afghanistan.

The burning of a car carrying Afghan refugees in Yazd and the subsequent sinking of a number of other migrants in the Harirod Sea escalated relations between Kabul and Tehran.

The two events were met with various reactions; but the Afghan ambassador to Tehran, Abdul Ghafour Liwal, after visiting the injured said the driver and the human trafficking networks were to blame for the incident.


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