Iran FM and UN SG Discussed Yemen Crisis

KABUL: (Middle East Press) The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamad Jawad Zarif has called on the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Kin-Moon to put an effort by bringing international community to end the crimes against Yemen.

Both officials discussed about the latest developments late Wednesday in a phone conversation.

Addressing the killing and crimes committed against innocent Yemeni people, Zarif underlined the significant role of UN in establishing ceasefire, and said “the crimes are obvious violation of international law and will result in development of extremist and terrorist groups as well as deterioration of the humanitarian crisis.”

“Iran supports the efforts by UN to stop invasion, to dispatch humanitarian aids, and to establish Yemeni-Yemeni talks and believes that the only way to resolve the crisis is to establish an inclusive government rather than militarization,” Zarif added.

In response, Ban Ki-moon, emphasized that security and stability in Yemen and whole region could be recognized through political solutions and that UN would continue its efforts regarding the situation, hailing Iran’s efforts in forming the political procedure of the issue and dispatching aids for Yemeni people.




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