International forces celebrate their 13th year presence in Afghanistan

KABUL: (MEP) – After some days Afghanistan will begin to face several key event such Presidential Election and withdraw of most International troops from the country.

The International forces celebrated their 13th years of presence and their last New Year with much joys in Afghanistan and happy to return to their country.

The biggest US military base is located in Bagram  and the US soldiers celebrated their New year with singing of different songs.

One of the US soldier Mark Alter Fredrick said,” I just want to say to Afghans that we believe in Peace , friendships, and Happiness these are the things we want to share it with Afghans and we also want the Afghans to feel safe be happy and be our friends, thought celebrating the New Year away from home and families have not much joys still the US soldiers declared as big honors.”

The other US soldier called Ross willy said” despite I missed my family so much I m honestly proud to be in Afghanistan still my family celebrating the New Year back home.”

US has 40,000 soldiers in Afghanistan at the moment.

From the other hands the Britain soldiers also celebrated their New Year in comp Bastion in Helmand Province K9s instead of searching bombs and Narcotic drugs were opening the gifts of the soldiers.

The Bratain Bre Gen, James wood has praised the tranquility and safety in Helmand Province and said soldiers have to proud on their duties in Afghanistan.

He said” those soldiers who are on duties in Afghanistan have to be proud because they are doing a remarkable jobs since I talk to my Afghans counterparts they are satisfied with work , decision and investments of our soldiers in Helmand Province.”

At the moment Britain has nearly 50,00 soldiers in Afghanistan which is counted as the second country for having soldiers  in the country.

Meanwhile one of the German soldiers named champline in comp Marmul over Mazar city said,” my biggest message is to ensure security and peace all over the world, its not important where you have come from or from what religious we have to put our hands together to bring peace and stability in the world and we will progress on the aspect.

Germany after US and Britain has the large soldiers under the NATO commands in Afghanistan and now nearly 40,00 soldiers are existed in the country, Ariana news reported.

The presence of International forces in the country comes after that by the middle of the New Year or the end of coming year International force will withdraw from Afghanistan.

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