Insurgents Attack on a Foreign Guesthouse in Capital Kabul

KABUL: (Middle East Press) at least two people including a foreigner were killed following a deadly attack which took place by a number of armed insurgents on a foreign guest-house in Kabul city, police officials reported.

The attack occurred around 16:30 on Saturday in Karte Se area where the Parliament House, Ministry of Trade and industries, the Human Rights Commission, Passport Office and the head of a local newspaper are located.

According to police officials, there were three suicide bombers and gunmen inside the guesthouse, two gunned down by Afghan security forces and one killed by detonating his explosive-packed suicide vest.

Taliban claimed carrying the attack in a tweet, written they have attacked a “foreign secret missionary centre and home of Christian missionaries” in Kabul.

This comes as the Taliban insurgent’s attacks in the capital have boost up in the last one month. Taliban have carried more than 10 fatal attacks over the last 2 weeks in Capital Kabul.

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