Important Statement Of Sunni Pakistani Ulema Against Takfiris

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Takfirist are the ruthless and predatory enemy of Islam and Muslims

The report of SachTimes from Islamabad: Pakistan Sunni scholars in Takfiri intrigue Conference and martyrs of Pakistan’s Sunni community have been launched to efforts Ahle Haram of Pakistan, at the important statement condemned the Takfiri and Wahhabi actions strongly.

At this conference attended 40 Pakistan scholars and Muslim leaders, to give a lecture on the subject of intrigue and danger takfirist, inclusive of their dangerous actions in Islamic countries and root of their thinks.

Mufti Gulzar Ahmed Naeemi, Prominent Sunni scholars in Pakistan told this conference: we held this conference According to Islamic tradition, that show the world, Takfiri are the real enemies of Islam, those who know disbelieve others that while the Prophet said that everyone greets you do not call him Takfiri, so Muslims do not call Takfiri anyone.

Mr. Khurram Nawaz, a senior member of the Pakistani population at the conference said: Today in Pakistan and around the world, sadly Muslims over colonial powers that their main enemy afraid of some Muslims, and we must forget differences between ourselves and reach the unity.

He added that Saudi know itself defender of Islam only, but bear in mind that we are will be the first team to defend the holy sanctuaries. But now there is no risk to the holy sanctuaries and now also from Yemen, and not any danger to come in the future.

At the end of the conference has been read important statement condemning the division actions by Takfiries flows the most important provisions of this statement are:

  1. Takfirist are the ruthless and predatory enemy of Islam and Muslims.
  2. Takfiries tried to destroy the face of Islam.
  3. Scholars and government of Pakistan must doing actions to eradicate this temptation.
  4. Colonial powers and Zionist spread Takfiris in the Muslim world, and this temptation is continue of the Khawarij intrigue of Islam.
  5. Myanmar government’s cruel actions and against Rohingya Muslims condemned and we ask the United Nations and the OIC who wake up and not be silent against these crimes.
  6. We appreciate the help of the government of Pakistan for Muslims Rohingya and Pakistani embassy actions in Myanmar to coordinate for help the Muslim Rohingya.


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