Hussaini Ashura marked under tight security in Kabul

KABUL: (MEP) – Thousands of Hussaini mourners on Thursday gathered in one of the ever biggest Shia congressional mosque Khatam Al-Nabieen to commemorate the event, while some other similar ceremonies supporters marked the ritual in other sites in the capital Kabul.

The speakers included both sects’ supporters lauding Imam Husain’s workbooks as a lesson of self-sacrifice and dedication asking the Afghan Muslims to remain united against any enemy plots aimed at creating discords and schism among them, wakht news reported.

A parliament member, Akbari hoped adherence to Imam Hussain’s dedication and sacrifices could be used by the Afghan Muslims as a lesson for their unification.

Qasem Elyas, a lecturer of Khatam Al-Nabieen, told What News Agency that the event should be taken as a lesson for sacrifices and devotion against despotism and torture; however he called on the people to donate blood instead of self-flagellation.

Former and current defense ministers, Abdul Rahim Wardak and Besmillah Mohammadi along with many others Sunni elders had attended the magnificence commemoration taken part by many mourners including Shia religious scholars.

The event this year was marked peacefully, while two years ago, the ceremony left hundreds of mourners including children dead and wounded, when a man disguised of Husaini mourner attended a grand ritual gathering and blew his explosive packed vest among the crowd in Murad Khani area of the capital Kabul.

The deadly incident responsibility was claimed by a Pakistani hardliner group, Lashkari Jangawi.

Few days ago, the ministry of interior assured the mourners to be helped celebrate Ashura under tight security plan and what any malicious plots would be foiled.

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