Hundreds of families fled from Taliban danger in Kunduz

30 May 2017

Hundreds of families fled their homes from Taliban danger in Kunduz.

They say Taliban have threatened them not to return until the Taliban operation is ended.

These local residents having escaped to hot and open areas in Bandar-e Imam Saheb said Taliban are using the residential homes as strongholds during the battle with Afghan security forces.

“We had leave all our properties behind, no food staff like flour, oil and bread are available here, the government has not helped us and our children ask for bread but we have no money to pay for it” Abd-u-Salam, one of the misplaced resident living with his family members and livestock in an open area, told the Middle East Press

Abd-ul-Hagh, another displaced from Mulla Sardar village in Kunduz, also said: “We are concerned about our agricultural products: this is harvest time and Taliban can set fire on our crop as they did last year.

He complained they experienced a bitter war last year.

Members of Kunduz provincial council blame the government on not accelerating the clearance operations, something has destroyed the citizen’s peace and comfort.

“Many clearance operations have been launched in parts of Kunduz but have failed to bring peace for people” Safi-ul-Lahh amiri a member of Kunduz provincial council told to the Middle East Press

He adds Taliban are still available in key parts of Kunduz province.

Lots of families have been forced to leave their homes and their home are being used as strongholds by Taliban said Seyyed Mohammad Danesh, the Kunduz governor.

He added after the survey, misplaced families will be given help.

This comes as the security officials announced their joint clearance operations are going on in Kunduz suburb.

Mahfuzullah Akbari, the spokesman for Spin Zar 808 zone police also said during the joint operation of Pamir in Taluka district of Kunduz, 10 villages have been cleared.

Taliban yet to comment on the issue.

Translated by: Rajabi Hafizullah


Hundreds of families fled from Taliban danger in Kunduz

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