Heroin Traffickers Arrested in Kabul Air Port

KABUL: (MEP) – In recent past the Border police forces of Kabul International Airport arrested two people along with 104 capsules full of drugs.

BNA Correspondent reported the smugglers wanted to transfer 794 gr of heroin packed in capsules in their stomach.

Border police said, each of these individuals in their investigation acknowledge that they wanted to transfer the drugs to Delhi in exchange of 500 US dollars.

According to another report, border police of Kabul international airport captured 4 kg of heroin while carrying to outside the country.

In connection to the case police arrested a person resident of Maidan Wardak province but he rejected his involvement in the case.

Police added, the heroin was due to be carried out by Al-Arabia Airline to Sharja.

The case is under investigation.

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