Gunmen Shot Dead Senior Dominican Energy Official

KABUL: (Middle East Press) unknown men have shot dead Victoriano Santos Hilario, the deputy mining minister of the Dominican Republic, and injured his son, reports say.

The shooting took place late Friday when the armed men attacked the home of Santos Hilaria in Cotui, the capital of Sanchez Ramirez Province, said the police authorities.

The suspects, who were described by the official’s wife, Zoila Maria Gutierrez, as “three hooded men,” fled the scene of the crime in a gray vehicle after shooting.

Following the home invasion, the 49-year-old received treatment for gunshot wounds outside his house but succumbed to his injuries, while his 20-year-old son Victor Manuel Santos Gutierrez, who was shot in the side, was taken to a hospital.

According to police, an investigation has been launched into the crime, the motive of which is still unclear.


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