Grape production declines in Kandahar Province

KABUL: (MEP) – According to Kandahar Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Kandahar has exported 5,587 tons of grapes of this year, which have been lower than previous years, Wadsam reported.

The fruit could not be exported to India and the UAE this year due to low production, said Head of Kandahar Chamber of Commerce Haji Nasrullah Zaheer.

Heavy rains and hailstorms and black rot caused by fungus have been cited as the main reasons for the low production of the fruit.

Zaheer also informed that orchard owners had started harvesting and exporting pomegranates, but the yield was low, compared to the previous year.

He accused the government for their inattention towards preventing plant diseases and protecting farms and orchards from natural disasters.

The trade representative also urged the government to find a proper market for fruits produced in Afghanistan and alleged that India and Pakistan sold Afghan products under their own brand names.

In an attempt to prevent counterfeit production of Afghanistan’s exports in international markets, the Afghan Commerce and Industries Ministry has introduced Afghanistan’s first ever exports mark.

The logo, “Afghanistan Amazingly Real”, was introduced to exporters on Monday in Bagh-e-Babur of Kabul city.

Addressing the gathering, Commerce Deputy Minister Muzamil Shinwari said the logo would be introduced in the international market to help Afghan exports gain recognition and trust.

He added that the logo would prevent counterfeit production of Afghan products.

This comes as most Afghan products, due to absence of a proper mark or logo, are exported through other countries in the international market under their logo, resulting in severe losses to Afghan trade

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