Government Forces Retake Khwaja Ghar District

security forces retake Khwaja Ghar districtMEP: Security officials in Takhar province say the district of Khwaja Ghar have been recaptured by security forces about half an hour before.

Sunnatullallah Timur, Takhar governor’s spokesman told the Middle East Press, following the military operation started this morning in order to retake the district, security forces have been able to leave the office of the district out of Taliban’s control.

Timur said three guards of Takhar’s governor were killed and three others were injured during the operation.

Three members of security forces also sustained injuries in the clashes with the armed Taliban, he added.

The armed Taliban have seized the district this morning from the district of Dasht-e-Archi of Kunduz on the positions of the security forces stepped up their attacks at 5:00am and were able to take the control of the district.

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